Why Should You Not Plant Cucumbers Near Tomatoes?

Have you ever looked at your garden and thought about what you’re planting next to each other? Some plants get along splendidly, while others… not so much. Just like in a schoolyard, some plant buddies work together better than others. In our chat today, we will discuss two popular garden favorites, cucumbers and tomatoes, and why they may not be the best neighbors.

Growth Habits of Cucumbers and Tomatoes

First, let’s get to know our plants a little better. Cucumbers are vine plants. They love to stretch out their tendrils, climb, and spread out as they grow. On the other hand, tomatoes are what we call upright plants. They love to reach for the sky, growing tall and strong. So, we have one that likes to roam around and one that prefers to stand tall. They both sound great, right? But, when it comes to planting them together, these different habits can cause a bit of a tangle. We’ll learn more about this in the next sections.

The Role of Companion Planting

Just like how best friends bring out the best in each other, certain plants do the same. This is called ‘companion planting’. Some plant pals help each other grow better, ward off pesky bugs, or even improve each other’s flavor! It’s like having a good buddy who always has your back. But not all plants make good buddies. Sometimes, two plants are just too different to work well together, like our cucumbers and tomatoes.

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Reasons Not to Plant Cucumbers Near Tomatoes

So, what happens when you try to plant cucumbers and tomatoes too close together? Here’s where the trouble begins. Because cucumbers spread out and tomatoes grow up, they start to fight for space. It’s like trying to do a dance in a crowded room. They trip over each other, and nobody has a good time. Plus, they can even block each other’s sunshine, and we all know how important sunshine is for plants! So it’s better to give these two some space and let them do their own thing. They’ll be happier, and so will your garden.

Suggestions for Good Companions for Cucumbers and Tomatoes

Now that we know cucumbers and tomatoes aren’t great dance partners, who should they dance with? Well, cucumbers get along great with beans and peas. These buddies help each other out and don’t step on each other’s toes. For tomatoes, basil and marigolds make excellent friends. Basil helps improve tomatoes’ flavor, and marigolds keep harmful bugs away. It’s like having a best friend who makes you feel better and another who keeps the bullies away!


Gardening is a bit like planning a party. You want everyone to get along and have a good time. And, just like at a party, you need to be careful about who you place next to whom. Tomatoes and cucumbers might both be stars of the garden, but they don’t perform well together. By choosing the right companions for each of your plants, you’ll create a harmonious garden where everyone thrives. So, put on your gardening gloves, pick your companions wisely, and let’s get planting!

Why Should You Not Plant Cucumbers Near Tomatoes?