Where to Buy Lily of the Valley?

Lily of the Valley, with its delicate, fragrant blossoms, has earned a special place in the hearts of garden enthusiasts around the world. This charming springtime flower, known for its bell-shaped blooms and sweet scent, adds a touch of magic to gardens and landscapes. If you’re captivated by the allure of Lily of the Valley and wish to add it to your own garden, you might be wondering where to find these enchanting plants. In this article, we’ll explore the various avenues for acquiring Lily of the Valley plants, from local garden centers and nurseries to online plant retailers. Whether you’re an avid gardener or a newcomer to the world of blooms, this guide will help you discover the best sources for bringing the beauty of Lily of the Valley into your outdoor space.

Local Garden Centers and Nurseries

One of the most accessible and convenient ways to purchase Lily of the Valley plants is by visiting your local garden centers and nurseries. Here’s why this option is worth considering:

  • Proximity: Local garden centers and nurseries are often just a short drive away, making it easy to explore their offerings in person.
  • Expertise: You can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of local gardening professionals who can guide you in selecting the right Lily of the Valley varieties for your garden.
  • Plant Inspection: When you shop locally, you have the opportunity to inspect the plants firsthand. Look for healthy foliage, signs of vigor, and absence of disease.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: Purchasing from local garden centers and nurseries is a great way to support your community and its economy.

To find Lily of the Valley at your nearby garden centers, check their websites or give them a call. Many of these establishments carry a selection of perennial plants, including this beloved springtime favorite.

Online Plant Retailers

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to purchasing Lily of the Valley and other plants. Here’s why online plant retailers are a popular choice:

  • Extensive Selection: Online retailers offer a vast array of Lily of the Valley varieties, including traditional and rare cultivars. You can explore different options from the comfort of your home.
  • Convenience: Shopping online provides the convenience of browsing, selecting, and ordering plants at any time, without leaving your home.
  • Customer Reviews: Most online plant retailers feature customer reviews, which can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of the plants they offer.
  • Delivery to Your Door: Your chosen Lily of the Valley plants are delivered right to your doorstep, often with careful packaging to ensure their safety during transit.
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Before making a purchase from an online plant retailer, be sure to read product descriptions, check customer reviews, and review their shipping policies to ensure a smooth buying experience. Reputable online plant retailers can be a fantastic source for acquiring Lily of the Valley and expanding your garden collection with ease.

Mail-Order Plant Catalogs

If you enjoy the tactile experience of flipping through plant catalogs and envisioning your garden’s future, mail-order plant catalogs are a delightful option for acquiring Lily of the Valley. Here’s why they deserve your attention:

  • Comprehensive Information: Plant catalogs often provide comprehensive information about the plants they offer, including detailed descriptions, growth requirements, and planting tips.
  • Illustrations: These catalogs are typically filled with beautiful illustrations or photographs that showcase the visual appeal of Lily of the Valley and other plant varieties.
  • Variety Selection: You may discover unique Lily of the Valley cultivars and varieties that aren’t commonly available in local stores.
  • Planting Tips: Many catalogs include expert advice on how to care for and cultivate Lily of the Valley, making them valuable resources for both novice and experienced gardeners.

To access mail-order plant catalogs, you can request them from reputable nurseries, gardening organizations, or plant associations. Once you receive these catalogs, take your time to peruse the offerings, and don’t forget to check their ordering instructions and shipping policies to ensure a smooth and satisfying purchasing experience.

Local Plant Sales and Garden Shows

Exploring local plant sales, garden shows, and plant swap events can be a rewarding way to find Lily of the Valley and connect with fellow gardening enthusiasts. Here’s why these events are worth attending:

  • Variety and Diversity: These gatherings often feature a diverse range of plants, including Lily of the Valley and other perennials. You may come across unique and locally grown specimens.
  • Interaction: Garden shows and plant sales provide opportunities to interact with experienced gardeners and exchange valuable tips and insights.
  • Rare Finds: Some garden shows and specialty plant sales focus on offering rare or collector’s varieties of Lily of the Valley that can be hard to find elsewhere.
  • Supporting Local Efforts: Participating in local plant sales and events supports gardening clubs, community organizations, and horticultural societies, which contribute to the vitality of your gardening community.
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To discover these events in your area, keep an eye on local gardening club announcements, community bulletin boards, and event listings. Attending a garden show or plant sale can be an enjoyable outing that combines your love for gardening with opportunities to find Lily of the Valley and other treasures for your garden.

Specialty Lily of the Valley Growers

For enthusiasts seeking a unique and dedicated source for Lily of the Valley, specialty growers who focus exclusively on this beloved springtime flower are a valuable resource. Here’s why these growers are worth considering:

  • Expertise: Specialty growers have in-depth knowledge of Lily of the Valley and are dedicated to cultivating high-quality plants.
  • Rare Varieties: These growers often offer rare or unusual Lily of the Valley cultivars that collectors and connoisseurs seek.
  • Quality Assurance: The exclusive focus on Lily of the Valley ensures a commitment to the health and vitality of the plants they provide.
  • Personalized Service: Specialty growers may offer personalized advice and recommendations based on your specific gardening needs and preferences.

To connect with specialty Lily of the Valley growers, you can explore online directories, gardening forums, or contact horticultural organizations that specialize in this flower. By collaborating with these experts, you can acquire exceptional Lily of the Valley plants and embark on a delightful journey of gardening with a cherished springtime bloom.

Considerations When Buying Lily of the Valley

When purchasing Lily of the Valley plants, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure a successful and rewarding gardening experience:

  • Growing Conditions: Lily of the Valley thrives in partial to full shade and well-drained, moist soil. Assess your garden’s growing conditions to determine whether they are suitable for this plant.
  • Variety Selection: There are various Lily of the Valley cultivars, each with its unique characteristics. Choose a variety that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and garden design.
  • Plant Health: Whether you’re buying from a local garden center, online retailer, or specialty grower, carefully inspect the plants for signs of good health. Look for vibrant green foliage and avoid plants with yellowing or wilting leaves.
  • Planting Time: Lily of the Valley is typically planted in the spring or early fall when the weather is mild. Plan your purchase accordingly to coincide with the ideal planting season for your region.
  • Quantity: Consider how many Lily of the Valley plants you need to achieve your desired garden design. Keep in mind that these plants spread through rhizomes, so a small number can gradually multiply.
  • Local Regulations: Check if there are any local regulations or restrictions on planting Lily of the Valley, as it can be invasive in some regions.
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By taking these considerations into account, you’ll be well-prepared to make an informed decision when buying Lily of the Valley and create an optimal environment for their growth.


In conclusion, the quest to acquire Lily of the Valley plants for your garden can be an exciting and fulfilling journey. Whether you choose to visit local garden centers, explore online plant retailers, peruse mail-order plant catalogs, attend garden shows, or connect with specialty growers, there are abundant sources to fulfill your desire for this timeless springtime flower.

As you embark on your search for Lily of the Valley, remember to consider your specific gardening needs, growing conditions, and the visual appeal you desire for your outdoor space. By carefully selecting healthy plants and adhering to best practices for their care and cultivation, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty and fragrance of Lily of the Valley in your garden year after year.

So, whether you’re drawn to the classic white blooms, the enchanting fragrance, or the historical and cultural significance of this flower, don’t hesitate to explore the diverse sources available to bring Lily of the Valley into your garden. It’s a choice that can enhance the charm and allure of your outdoor sanctuary, inviting you to savor the magic of spring with every delicate bell-shaped blossom.