Where to Buy Garlic Scapes?

Garlic scapes, with their twisty, curly appearance and delightful garlic flavor, are a seasonal treat that captivates the taste buds of culinary enthusiasts. These vibrant green stems emerge from garlic bulbs and are harvested before the garlic matures, offering a unique, mild garlic flavor with a hint of freshness. But where can you find these elusive delicacies? In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the different places where you can purchase garlic scapes. From the bustling aisles of local farmers’ markets to the shelves of specialty grocery stores, we’ll explore the various options that allow you to experience the distinct taste and versatility of garlic scapes. Let’s unravel the quest to savor this seasonal treasure.

Local Farmers’ Markets

One of the most rewarding and authentic ways to find and purchase garlic scapes is by visiting your local farmers’ markets. Farmers’ markets serve as vibrant hubs of local agriculture, where you can connect directly with farmers and growers who often harvest garlic scapes. At these markets, you can enjoy the benefits of purchasing fresh, locally sourced produce. To get started, you’ll need to locate the farmers’ markets in your area, which can be found in both urban and rural settings. Once you arrive, explore the stalls and booths, engaging with the farmers themselves. Garlic scapes are typically in season during the late spring to early summer, making this the prime time to find them at farmers’ markets. Building a rapport with local growers allows you to access not only garlic scapes but also a wealth of other seasonal and organic produce, creating a rewarding shopping experience that supports local agriculture and promotes culinary exploration.

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Specialty Grocery Stores

For those seeking convenience and a wider selection of gourmet ingredients, specialty grocery stores can be a treasure trove of garlic scapes. These stores often cater to food enthusiasts and offer a variety of unique and hard-to-find products. You’ll likely encounter garlic scapes when they are in season, typically in the early summer. Garlic scapes are known for their versatility and can be used in various dishes, making them a sought-after ingredient in specialty stores. Look for the scapes in the produce section, and you may also find products like garlic scape pesto and seasonings. Some stores even offer pre-chopped or pre-packaged garlic scapes, which can save time in the kitchen. If you enjoy exploring different culinary offerings and flavors, specialty grocery stores are an excellent place to discover and experiment with garlic scapes and their unique, mild garlic taste.

Online Retailers

The digital age has opened up a world of convenience for those seeking garlic scapes. Online retailers, particularly those specializing in gourmet and organic foods, are a fantastic source for purchasing garlic scapes. These platforms offer the flexibility of ordering from the comfort of your home and having the scapes delivered to your doorstep. You can find garlic scapes on various websites and food marketplaces. Some retailers even offer a range of garlic scape-related products, from fresh scapes to prepared items like garlic scape oils and vinegars. When shopping online, pay attention to the sourcing information and reviews to ensure you receive quality scapes. With the advantage of accessibility and a wider variety of options, online retailers provide a convenient way to enjoy garlic scapes throughout their season.

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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Programs

If you’re keen to embrace a more community-focused approach to obtaining garlic scapes, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs offer an enticing option. These programs typically involve individuals or families purchasing shares or subscriptions from local farmers and growers. As a subscriber, you receive regular deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce, which often includes garlic scapes during the right time of year. CSA programs foster a direct connection between growers and consumers, promoting the support of local agriculture. By subscribing to a garlic scape CSA, you not only gain access to these delicious stems but also join a community of individuals who appreciate the benefits of locally sourced, seasonal produce. It’s a rewarding way to explore new flavors and build connections within your local food community.

Local Farms and Farm Stands

For those who relish the idea of buying garlic scapes directly from the source, local farms and farm stands are the go-to destinations. Many farms, especially those that specialize in organic or heirloom produce, harvest and offer garlic scapes to the public when they’re in season. Visiting local farms and farm stands allows you to experience the charm of rural agriculture and interact with the people who grow your food. You can often find garlic scapes during the late spring to early summer months. Some farms may even allow you to pick your own scapes right from the garden. This direct approach not only ensures you’re receiving the freshest possible product but also supports local agriculture and farmers in your community.


In conclusion, the quest to find and purchase garlic scapes is a delightful journey that unveils the unique, mild garlic flavor of these seasonal treasures. Whether you prefer the bustling ambiance of farmers’ markets, the convenience of online retailers, or the community spirit of CSA programs, there are various avenues for acquiring garlic scapes. Exploring local farms and farm stands adds a personal touch to your shopping experience and allows you to engage with the growers directly. Regardless of your choice, the pursuit of garlic scapes is a rewarding culinary adventure that elevates your dishes with a distinctive garlic twist. So, seize the opportunity to savor these curly green stems and infuse your meals with their unforgettable flavor.

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