What to Plant With Tomatoes to Keep Bugs Away?

If you’ve ever savored the tangy sweetness of a homegrown tomato, you know the unmatched satisfaction of harvesting your own bounty. But what if we told you that there’s a way to make your tomato plants even happier and healthier? Say hello to the wonderful world of companion planting! In this guide, we’ll unveil the secret behind planting buddies that keep those pesky bugs at bay. Get ready to embark on a bug-fighting adventure that will leave your tomatoes thriving and your garden buzzing with life!

The Power of Companion Plants

Garden Harmony: Imagine your tomato plants as friendly neighbors, sharing their space and resources with other plants for a more balanced and bug-resistant garden.

Nature’s Allies: Picture certain plants as unsung heroes, offering their services as pest repellents or growth boosters to their neighboring tomato plants.

Get ready to harness the power of companion plants and discover how these garden allies can help your tomatoes stay bug-free and thriving. Your garden is about to become a bustling community of plants working together for a common goal – healthy, happy, and delicious tomatoes!

Bug-Repelling Herbs

Grab your gardening apron, because we’re about to introduce you to some fragrant heroes that bugs just can’t stand!

Aromatic Defenders: Imagine these herbs as your garden’s very own bug bouncers, keeping unwanted guests away from your precious tomato plants.

Basil’s Magic: Picture basil as a superhero, emitting a scent that bugs find repulsive. Plant it near your tomatoes to create a force field against pests.

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Minty Fresh Protection: Think of mint as your garden’s bodyguard, releasing oils that bugs dislike. Plant it strategically to ward off those tiny troublemakers.

Oregano’s Shield: Imagine oregano as a fortress wall, shielding your tomatoes with its strong aroma. Bugs will think twice before getting too close.

Fragrant Flowers for Bug Control

Get ready to sprinkle some floral charm into your garden, because these flowers not only look pretty but also know how to fend off bugs!

Marigold Magic: Picture marigolds as vibrant wizards, casting a spell with their scent that bugs find absolutely unappealing. Plant them around your tomatoes for a bug-free zone.

Nasturtium’s Trickery: Imagine nasturtiums as clever tricksters, luring bugs away from your tomatoes with their enticing scent. They’re like a diversion squad for your garden.

Petunia’s Perfume: Think of petunias as your garden’s perfume makers, releasing a sweet aroma that bugs just can’t handle. Plant them nearby for a bug-deterring breeze.

With bug-repelling herbs and fragrant flowers by your side, your tomato plants are in for a treat. These natural defenders will ensure that your garden is a safe haven for your tomatoes, keeping bugs at bay while adding a delightful touch of aroma and beauty. So, get ready to plant these guardians of your garden and watch your tomatoes thrive in a bug-free paradise!

Allium Allies

Onion Odor Magic: Imagine onions and garlic as the garden’s secret agents, releasing a scent that bugs find simply overwhelming. Plant these pungent pals to create a bug-repelling force field.

Chive Champions: Think of chives as your garden’s defenders, standing tall and strong against pests. Bugs might think twice before invading the chive territory.

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Marigold Magic

Get ready for a burst of golden enchantment in your garden, as marigolds step in to work their bug-fighting wonders!

Bright Bug Blockers: Imagine marigolds as the dazzling stars of your garden show, their bright blooms not only adding color but also emitting a scent that bugs despise.

Guardians of Growth: Picture marigolds as vigilant guards, protecting your tomato plants from harmful nematodes – tiny troublemakers that can harm the roots.


As we wrap up our bug-repelling plant adventure, it’s clear that nature has provided us with an array of fantastic allies to help keep our tomato plants healthy and thriving.

By strategically planting bug-deterring herbs, fragrant flowers, and allium allies, you’re creating a garden ecosystem where tomatoes can flourish without the fear of pesky pests. These natural defenders not only keep the bugs at bay but also add a touch of beauty and aroma to your outdoor haven.

So, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started, remember that with the power of companion planting, you’re well on your way to a bountiful tomato harvest and a garden that’s buzzing with life – in the best possible way! Happy planting and bug-free gardening adventures await!