What to Plant With Daylilies?

Daylilies are one of the most upbeat, colorful, and manageable perennials, so let’s talk about them. Because they add vibrancy and color to our gardens, they are a fan favorite. Did you know that providing your daylilies with some neighborly love would make them even happier? Today, we’ll learn everything about the benefits of planting daylilies with other plants. Okay, so let’s begin!

Benefits of Companion Planting

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What exactly is companion planting?”. This is exactly how it sounds. Finding the right companions for your plants is essential. Some plant species actually enhance each other’s growth when planted together. They might repel pests, enrich the soil, and support one another’s vitality. Companion planting can aid with weeds, add aesthetic value to your garden, and in some cases even benefit the health and growth of your daylilies.

Best Companion Plants for Daylilies

Let’s chat about who would complement our daylilies in the garden. Some perennials to think about are hostas and coneflowers. The tall, delicate foliage of daylilies appear lovely next to the huge, robust leaves of hostas. When combined with daylilies, the wide range of hues available in coneflowers makes for a spectacular display.

In addition to daylilies, you might also plant annuals like marigolds or sweet alyssum. The vibrant hues of marigolds aren’t the only reason they’re effective bug deterrents. The light fragrance and dainty blooms of sweet alyssum provide a wonderful contrast to the showier daylilies.

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Also, don’t overlook the shrubs! Planting some small shrubs like hydrangeas or spireas behind your daylilies can give your garden some much-needed height and richness. These are but a few suggestions. The joy of gardening comes from giving it a personal touch. You should try several things until you find the right partners for your daylilies.

Considerations When Choosing Companion Plants

Let’s speak about what you should look for in companion plants for your daylilies before you rush off to the garden center.

Light is the first consideration. Make sure whatever you plant next to your daylilies can handle a lot of direct sunshine. One of your plants could die of sadness if you don’t tend to it.

Think about the ground next. Daylilies aren’t too particular, but they do want soil with good drainage. To that end, it’s recommended that you pair plants that thrive in similar conditions.

Size matters, so keep that in mind. Since daylilies can grow rather tall, it’s best to plant them beside other plants that won’t be smothered.

Plants to Avoid Planting with Daylilies

Let’s shift gears and discuss some neighbors your daylilies shouldn’t have. Plants with deep or vigorous roots, or those that require a lot of shade, should be avoided. You may find that these plants take too much food and water away from your daylilies.

Daylilies should also be kept away from any trees or shrubs that shed a lot of leaves or needles. Daylilies are sensitive to clutter and want a spotless environment.


So ends our time together exploring daylily companion planting. Never forget that gardening is equal parts art and science. You should feel free to mix and match to find out what works best in your particular garden. The most important thing is to make a garden that you love and that enhances your home.

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Go ahead and become excited about your garden by planning, planting, and enjoying it. All the best with your gardening endeavors!

What to Plant With Daylilies?