What Is Eating Marigolds?

Marigolds, with their bright colors and cheery blossoms, are a favorite in many gardens. But it seems we’re not the only ones who love these flowers! A whole host of creatures also find marigolds irresistible. Let’s explore which bugs have a special place in their hearts (or bellies) for marigolds.

Insects That Eat Marigolds

Ever noticed some bite marks on your marigold leaves or petals? It’s likely the handiwork of some hungry bugs. Some of the most common insects that enjoy munching on marigolds include aphids, slugs, snails, and spider mites. Some are tiny and hard to spot, while others like the slimy slugs, are easily seen. Each of these critters has its own unique way of feasting on your beloved marigolds. Let’s learn more about them!

Animals That Eat Marigolds

Surprise! It’s not only insects that have a taste for marigolds, but some larger critters do too. You might catch rabbits, deer, or even groundhogs nibbling on your marigold blossoms. These animals especially love to munch on young, tender plants. Don’t worry though, we’ll explore some ways to protect your flowers later on.

Signs of Marigold Pests

Wondering if your marigolds have been turned into a feast? Look out for telltale signs like chewed leaves, nibbled petals, or slimy trails on the soil (hello, slugs!). If the damage is more severe, you might see wilted plants or notice your marigolds disappearing altogether! Always keep an eye on your flowers to catch these pesky eaters early.

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Methods to Protect Marigolds from Pests

It’s disheartening to see your precious marigolds being munched away, isn’t it? But worry not, there are several ways to shield your flowers. Fencing, especially chicken wire, can keep larger animals like rabbits and deer away. For smaller pests, consider placing netting around your plants. And remember, regular inspection of your garden is key to spot any problems early!

Natural Pest Control for Marigolds

You might not want to use harsh chemicals in your garden, and that’s okay! There are plenty of natural methods to deter pests. Try introducing beneficial insects like ladybugs, which eat aphids, or planting garlic and onions, which deter many pests with their strong smell. Another simple solution is a homemade spray made from a mixture of water and mild dish soap – it’s surprisingly effective!


Yes, a variety of creatures enjoy snacking on marigolds. But now you know who they are and how to keep them at bay. With a bit of care and vigilance, your marigolds can thrive and continue to bring joy to your garden. Remember, a healthy garden is one where plants and creatures live in balance.