How to Repot a Philodendron?

Repotting your beloved philodendron might sound like a daunting task, but fear not! With a little guidance, you can give your plant a fresh start and create an environment where it can thrive. Think of repotting as giving your philodendron a new, more spacious home – just like moving into a bigger apartment.

When to Repot

Knowing when to repot your philodendron is like understanding when it’s time to get a new pair of shoes. Look out for signs such as roots poking out of the pot’s drainage holes, slower growth, or if the soil dries out too quickly. If your philodendron seems a bit cramped or isn’t as vibrant as before, it might be whispering, “Hey, it’s repotting time”!

Supplies You’ll Need

Now that you’re all set to give your philodendron a new home, let’s gather the tools you’ll need. Think of it as getting ready for a fun and rewarding DIY project!

  1. Bigger Pot: Find a pot that’s just a bit larger than the current one. It’s like moving to a cozier apartment – your philodendron will appreciate the extra space.
  2. Fresh Potting Mix: Imagine giving your plant a soft and comfy mattress. Choose a well-draining potting mix, like a fluffy cloud for your philodendron’s roots.
  3. Watering Can: Your philodendron will be thirsty after the move, so make sure you have a watering can handy. It’s like having a drink waiting for you after a workout.
  4. Clean Scissors: These will be your plant’s spa scissors – use them to trim any damaged or unruly roots.
  5. Gloves (Optional): If you want to keep your hands clean and protect against any soil or irritants, slip on a pair of gloves.
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The Repotting Process

Ready to give your philodendron a new lease on life? Follow these simple steps to make the repotting process a breeze:

  1. Prepare the New Home: Just like setting up a new room, fill the bigger pot with fresh potting mix. Make sure your philodendron will have enough room to stretch and grow.
  2. Gentle Uprooting: Carefully take your philodendron out of its current pot. Gently tap the sides and bottom to loosen the roots. Don’t worry, it’s like giving your plant a little hug.
  3. Root Checkup: Take a close look at the roots. If you see any brown or mushy ones, it’s time for a trim. Use clean scissors to snip away the damaged parts, like giving your plant a fresh haircut.
  4. Settling In: Place your philodendron in its new pot. Position it so it’s at the same depth as before. Think of it as finding the perfect spot on the couch – your plant should be comfortable.
  5. Fill the Gaps: Now it’s time to surround your philodendron with fresh potting mix. Gently pat it down around the sides, like tucking your plant in with a cozy blanket.
  6. A Good Drink: Your plant deserves a refreshing drink after the move. Water it thoroughly until you see water draining out of the bottom. Think of it as quenching your philodendron’s thirst.


Congratulations on giving your philodendron a fresh start in its new pot! Now, let’s ensure it settles in comfortably and thrives in its new home:

Keep the Balance: Your philodendron might be a bit shy after the move, so find a spot with the right amount of light. Not too bright and not too dark – just like finding the perfect reading nook.

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Water Wisely: Check the soil regularly by sticking your finger in about an inch. If it feels dry, it’s time for a drink. But if it’s still a bit damp, hold off – you wouldn’t want to drink too much water before bedtime, right?

Fertilize with Care: Your philodendron might get hungry, so treat it to a light snack every few months. A balanced fertilizer will keep it happy and healthy, just like enjoying your favorite treat occasionally.

Stay Supportive: As your philodendron grows, give it a hand by adding a small stake for support. It’s like having a friend to lean on during a hiking adventure.

Prune with Love: If you notice any yellow or brown leaves, give them a gentle tug to remove them. Your plant will appreciate the spa treatment, just like getting a fresh haircut.


Repotting your philodendron is like giving it a cozy new home. With the right tools, a little bit of care, and a touch of love, your philodendron will settle in, spread its roots, and flourish in its upgraded space. Remember, plants thrive when they’re given the attention they need – so keep an eye on your philodendron and enjoy watching it grow and thrive in its revitalized surroundings.