How Often to Water Calathea?

The stunning houseplant Calathea is today’s topic of discussion. You may have spotted this beautiful plant and thought, “How often should I water it?” because of the unique and intricate leaf pattern. That’s a great question, and knowing the answer will go a long way toward ensuring the continued well-being of your Calathea. Come explore this forest with me!

Understanding Calathea

Calatheas are attractive houseplants with striped leaves of various colors. Due of the way their leaves fold together at night, they are commonly referred to as prayer plants. Doesn’t that make you smile? They are used to the warm temperatures, heavy humidity, and low light conditions of the Americas’ tropical regions. They have certain needs that make them different from most common houseplants.

Water Requirements of Calathea

It’s possible that watering your Calathea will make you feel like Goldilocks sampling the porridge prepared by the Three Bears. It must be perfect. The amount was just right; it wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little. Calatheas are tropical plants that enjoy a refreshing drink but hate being sat in water. The soil should be kept damp but not soggy. Water your Calathea when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Keep in mind, though, that your own living situation may alter this. In this article, we will discuss how to maintain a healthy environment for your Calathea plant.

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Signs of Overwatering and Underwatering

If your Calathea is getting too much or too little water, you can tell by looking at its leaves. If the margins begin to curl or become brown, it may be thirsty. However, if the plant’s leaves become yellow and it generally appears moist, it has probably received too much water. It’s a fine line, but once you learn the indicators, you’ll be an expert at maintaining healthy Calathea.

Tips for Watering Calathea

Want some advice from the pros? Calathea prefer warm to room temperature water while being watered. To further simulate its original tropical environment, it is best to water the plant first thing in the morning. Calatheas are sometimes sensitive to the toxins in tap water, so it’s best to use distilled or rainwater instead. Avoid watering the leaves and instead focus on the soil. Wet clothing is the worst, right?

Adjusting Watering Schedule Based on Seasons

The watering regimen for your Calathea should be adjusted seasonally, just like our wardrobes. The soil will need to be watered more frequently during the warmer, brighter months. During the cooler, darker months, irrigation can be reduced because the soil will retain moisture for longer. Your Calathea will appreciate it if you have an open mind and make adjustments as necessary.


Now you know how often to give your Calathea a drink. Although it may appear challenging at first, you will quickly become proficient. The trick is finding a happy medium, so always pay attention to the cues your plant provides you. With proper care, your Calathea can be the focal point of your houseplant display for years to come. Have fun watering!

How Often to Water Calathea?